301 E. Nash Street, Wilson NC 27893

Employee Directory

Executive Staff:
Kelly Vick, President/ Chief Executive Officer – kvick@wilsonha.org
Diana Fish, Chief Finanical Officer – dfish@wilsonha.org
Troy Davis, Director of Development – tdavis@wilsonha.org
Chris Williams, Operations Manager – cwilliams@wilsonha.org
Timothy Rogers, Director of Public Relations – trogers@wilsonha.org
Danielle Sims, Senior Asset Manager/Public Housing Program – dsims@wilsonha.org
Valinda Belton, Occupancy Manager/Housing Choice Voucher Program – vpeeples@wilsonha.org
Cathy Kent, Resident Services/Family Self-Sufficiency Program – ckent@wilsonha.org
Lisa Braswell, Facilities Director – labraswell@wilsonha.orgSenior Staff:
Danielle Sims – Asset Manager – Forrest Road Homes – dsims@wilsonha.org
Michelle Hargrove– Asset Manager – Whitfield Homes – mhargrove@wilsonha.org
Timothy Bastien – Asset Manager – E B Jordan Homes tbastien@wilsonha.org