Waiting Lists Close

Public Notice Closing of Public Housing Waiting Lists

Wilson Housing Authority (WHA) has sufficient applications and is closing the Public Housing waiting lists for the following local preferences categories in accordance with recent criteria adopted by the WHA. The effective date is February 1, 2013.

    • Veteran – Served in the US military and discharged under conditions other than dishonorable
    • Involuntary Displaced – Persons displaced by natural disaster, government action or permanently by fire
    • Elderly – Family whose head, spouse, is 62 years or older
    • Near Elderly – 50 years of age or older but not yet 62 years old
    • Disabled – Head of household or spouse is disabled

The waiting list will remain open for the Working Family local preference. A Working Family is defined as;
• Has worked an average of 20 hours a week or more for at least 11 months out of 12 months
• Has been seasonally employed for no less than 2 years with their current employer and worked an average of 20 hours a week during season
• Is self-employed, if verified in accordance with verification policies
• Is 62 years of age or older (an elderly family)
• Is a person with disabilities as defined by HUD
Applications are accepted every Thursday (except the first Thursday of each month) from 8:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. at the following locations;
• Forest Road Homes, 502 Parkview Street Wilson NC 27893
• Whitfield Homes, 633 S. Walnut Street Wilson NC 27893
• E.B. Jordan Homes, 1800-H Fountain Drive Wilson NC 27893
Wilson Housing Authority is one of the largest providers of rental housing in Wilson County, owning 781 rental units. The agency features 3 rental communities located throughout the City of Wilson, most are located close to shopping and public transportation. It is easy to apply and there are no fees associated with the application. Rents start at $50.00 per month and a minimum security deposit is required.